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GC 315


Cloud based monitoring system
using Ethernet or GPRS connection from remote equipment.
Protect your equipment with SICES advanced telematic solution SIMONE.


The system features advanced GPS tracking of equipment
in addition to remote monitoring and alarm notification.

The SIMONE system is suitable for monitoring Generating sets,
fuel tanks and other plant. It interfaces with SICES Controllers
and many other commonly used gen-set controllers.

Users can choose to use either the common SICES hosted server
or host their own.

Utility and help

Here you can find a selection of video tutorial useful for a quick understanding on how to manage SIMONE App and platform.

Have a nice view.

SIMONE Tutorial step 1

SIMONE Tutorial step 2

SIMONE Tutorial step 3

SIMONE Tutorial step 4

Technical support request

List of Supported Controllers in SIMONE and REWIND2

  • SICES DST4400, DST4601/PX, DST2600, GC310, GC350, GC500, DST4602
  • SICES ATS115, GC315, GC400, GC600, DST4602Evolution
  • DSE 5210, 7320, 7510, 5510
  • IME NemoD4
  • ComAp IL-NT AMF25, IG-NTC BB
  • Elcos CAM-120
  • Cummins PCC 2.xx 3.xx, MCM3320
  • Powernet M200
  • Deif AGC3
  • Woodward EasyGen 3200
  • Caterpillar EMCP3, EMCP4
  • Lovato RGK800

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